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Mood Balancing


Mood BalancingDr. Tom Francescott provides expert advice on total Mood Balancing.

Secrets of Mood Enhancing

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Cleanse + Supplement
  • Improve Sleep
  • Be Mindful

Secrets of Mood Balancing + Natural Care

  • Inflammation can occur from food allergies, illness, adrenal fatigue and other factors. If inflammation is a factor, then supplements to support the adrenals are key as well as supporting the immune system and changing lifestyle to include an anti inflammatory diet and healing.

  • Mood swings may result from blood sugar “swings”, neurotransmitter imbalances, adrenal fatigue, skipping breakfast or eating sugar and carbs only, hormonal imbalances, liver congestion and toxins, spiritual or emotional issues that need greater resolution. In essence our mood can reflect what’s happening inside of us.


  • Sleep is crucial to overall health. Without sleep we don’t rest and recover, we don’t heal as well. Lack of sleep affects concentration, mood, and behavior. I think insomnia contributes to many other issues and diagnosis. I have real concerns about the current regime of conventional medications. They seem to be addictive and requiring increasing amounts. They disturb your sleep quality and probably your REM sleep so that you don’t really get the full benefits of sleep. Things get worse if you use alcohol regularly while on these medications. Your blood sugar is disturbed and this compounds the issue. But the biggest reason I do not care for chronic use of sleeping medications is THEY DO NOT TREAT THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM.

    To understand what is contributing to your sleep issues. If you having trouble falling asleep, then i am thinking that you might: have high cortisol levels, low serotonin levels, need improved sleep hygiene, anxiety, fears, or stress, need some mindfulness, awareness, and breathing exercises. If your trouble is waking up in the middle of night, i am thinking you might: have weak adrenals and unstable blood sugar that causes you to wake up and feel alert and hungry, have hormonal issues like progesterone deficiency, low melatonin, liver congestion, anxiety, high cortisol. Of course every individual is different but these scenarios are somewhat common reasons for each issue.

  • We are living in challenging times and it is important to be mindful of what really matters to you. There is no time like the present to start living your true life now. You were destined to live a unique life that no one else can live. You always have choices and consequences of these choices. I firmly believe that increasing awareness promotes our brain to regenerate and rewire itself. In order to feed new neurons we have to start putting our attention to where we want it and not to be controlled by something external to ourselves.

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