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My Expertise


Expertise - SliderDr. Tom specializes in:

  • Holistic and natural solutions to challenging health issues. Women, men and children benefit from Dr. Tom’s skill in identifying and understanding the complex interrelationships within each patient’s life, including emotional and environmental stressors, hormonal imbalances, individual biochemistry and dietary choices. Science-based detoxification has become the cornerstone of his practice.
  • Preventive healthcare, with emphasis on the emotional, physical and spiritual causes of illness in the body.
  • Natural management of chronic conditions, including cancer prevention and management, autoimmune diseases, Lyme Disease, chronic infections, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid, menopause, allergies, anxiety and depression, diabetes, chronic fatigue, insomnia, heart disease, sexual function and weight loss, among many more.

My Philosophy is to listen to the patient’s story, understand and interpret any laboratory testing, and to identify the root cause of symptoms. Using intuition, science-based research, centuries old traditions from around the world, Dr. Tom creates a wellness protocol to optimize health, happiness, and vitality. Many of the root causes of health symptoms are rooted in environmental toxicity and contaminants in food.

What I offer are health solutions:

  • Consultations: customized naturopathic protocols and energy healing.
  • Natural Pharmacy: carefully selected stock of the best quality and most-effective natural products and natural skin care. I also created a line Dr. Tom’s Tonics premier line of nutritional products.
  • Retreats & Workshops: Cleansing, Lyme Disease, Holotropic Breathwork, Omega Wellness Week/Weekend. Healing, wellness, and transformation.

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