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Your First Visit


Office VisitBefore your first office visit, phone or video consultation, please mail or fax to 845-876-5559 the following to my office:

Your completed Forms: Informed Consent, Patient Health Profile, Lyme Questionnaire, Lifestyle & Toxicity Assessment.

Any recent laboratory and/or blood work results.

Bring to your first visit: (please fax this information if it is a phone or video consultation)

  •      All medications and/or supplements you are taking and dosage amounts.

At your first visit, you can expect that I will:

* Analyze your Patient Health Profile
* Interpret your laboratory and imaging test results.
* Understand your health history as it relates to your present condition.
* Assess what is missing in your life: diet, exercise, spiritual practice, mindfulness, etc
* Intuitively & compassionately listen to you and give you time to tell your story.
* Individualize a comprehensive nutritional program that works for you.
* Tune into any spiritual reasons for your current health condition.
* Prepare and outline goals for your next appointment.


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