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Thyroid & Hormonal Balancing


shutterstock_207763567Dr. Tom Francescott offers expert Hormone Health info + natural support options.

Secrets of Hormone Balancing

  • Improve Digestion
  • Cleanse
  • Supplement + Support

Healthy Hormones + Natural Care

  • How we process and absorb nutrients is vital to health. The health of our gut is our window to preventing many diseases. If our intestines are damaged from toxins, antibiotics, disease, or other conditions such as Candida, we cannot use the nutrients we take in and our gut “leaks” poison back into our bodies. It’s vital to improve digestion for true health. Our hormonal system is linked to digestion and all systems work in harmony. There is no “quick fix” for many problems. Awareness and transformation are key.

  • Our bodies produce hormones normally, but our environment exposes us to chemicals and toxins that our body’s convert to more hormones. Sometimes this excess of hormones or our own body’s over response to these outside factors actually stress our body’s to a point of dis-ease. It’s wise to cleanse our body’s regularly. Flushing out the toxins and pollutants that overwork our system. Cleansing is important to feeling, looking, and being better.

  • In this day of processed food and polluted air and stress we often need to supplement to replenish what is lost. Essential fats, probiotics, herbs, functional foods and custom preparations can greatly enhance our well being to balance hormones and revive health.

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