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Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Anxiety + PanicDr. Tom Francescott explains the causes of Anxiety + Panic Attacks + his unique approach.

Anxiety + Panic Attacks Causes + Expert Natural Care

  • Some people with anxiety suffer from sudden feelings of terror that occur repeatedly and suddenly. Panic disorder is just a symptom of emotions that are strong and needing more understanding. Meditation and mindfulness or stillness of the mind is a helpful strategy for coping with anxiety and increasing awareness of what you are exactly feeling.
    • Sudden Terror + Anxiety
    • Shortness of Breath
    • Heart Palpitations
  • It’s important to understand each individual’s story and experience because the treatment is very unique to each person. There are many dimensions and layers to understand in order to rid yourself of panic. Typically there is a choking sensation which occurs in anxiety and we see this with people in Holotropic Breathwork sessions when they “re live” their birth or experience fearful situations where there is a fear of death. This fear of death “implants” in the psyche and is periodically triggered as if it was the original trauma or event. Until you “unwind” this experience and give expression to the fears, this anxiety may be always somewhere in the background. Also, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the emotion of fear and worry is connected with kidney and bladder energy. Often supporting the kidneys, our source of our original “chi”, can be helpful as well.

  • I take a “ big picture” approach to anxiety and panic attacks. I literally believe that everything from our biography, birth, and past life experiences can influence our lives and whether we have anxiety. The small picture view would just like how suppressing the fears, putting somewhere so you don’t have to feel it. This can only help for the short term. You must feel more, heighten awareness and mindfulness, practice deep breathing to get in touch with these deep emotions and triggers.

    From a foundational perspective I believe in healthy breakfast meals, blood sugar balancing diet with adequate proteins, core foundational nutrients, mindfulness techniques to foster greater awareness, and neurotransmitter balancing.

    Specifically I recommend neurotransmitter supportive products for management of high cortisol, GABA, and serotonin levels.

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