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Surgery Support


Surgery SupportDr. Tom Francescott offers a unique + supportive approach to Surgery Recovery.
Secrets of Successful Recovery

  • Restore Critical Systems
  • Cleanse Toxins
  • Nourish + Replenish  [/list]

Secrets of Successful Surgery Support + Natural Care

  • When surgery is necessary there are many strategies to help the body prepare for surgery and also afterwards to speed healing and recovery. Surgery is a stressful trauma to the body, not to mention if any medications or anastethia are neeeded. Usually  prior to surgery there are numerous tests necessary to determine that surgery is needed. These tests typically include dyes, radioactive materials, and exposure to ionizing radiation.  All of these can weaken our immune system right when we need it the most to prepare for surgery.
  • My approach is to pinpoint any potential weak areas or organs in the body that may need detox, strengthening, and support. The demands of surgery stress the body’s metabolic pathways requiring more antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to support healing. “Loading up” on these key nutrients prior is essential for adequate preparation. Be careful and check with your doctor, because there are items that should be avoided prior. I also recommend homeopathic remedies because they are extremely safe, have no interactions, and can speed healing. After surgery, replenishing your system with vital vitamins, nutrients, and anti-inflammatories will speed recovery.
  • The biggest mistake people making in trying to achieve improved health is to choose one vitamin or supplement and expect total body results. The truth is the body has different needs and one product is not the answer. Dr. Tom Francescott’s “Core Foundation” program is designed for you to achieve maximum results by combining exclusive products that address the body’s core needs to produce the best results- guaranteed. Each Core Foundation product is hand picked by Dr. Tom. You simply choose one product from each Core number. This unique personalized approach takes the guesswork out of product selection and gives you the results that you need. Improve your health, spend less time selecting products, and stop wasting money on supplements that don’t work. Core 1: Functional Foods- Nourish your body with medical grade foods. Core 2: Probiotics- Repair and restore immunity and strength. Core 3: Oils- Protect the nerves, heart, and cells. Core 4: Multi’s- Replenish lost nutrients from stress, environment, and toxins. Core 5: Specialty- Complete your unique Core Foundation with specialty products. Learn more about Dr. Tom’s Surgery Support Core Foundation and shop for natural Surgery Support products.
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