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Nausea & Appetite


Nausea AppetiteDr. Tom Francescott talks about alternative care for nausea + appetite during illness.
Facts about Nausea + Appetite

  • Nausea is a Symptom
  • Homeopathy Provides Support
  • Controlling Both Can Enhance Treatment Benefits [/list]

Nausea + Appetite Support During Illness

  • Nausea is uneasiness in the stomach and is not a disease but a symptom of some other underlying process or disease.
  • Morning sickness, pregnancy, emotional stress or fear, food allergies, medication, cancer treatment,  or supplement side-effect, gallbladder disease, infections, overeating, hiatal hernia, general toxicity, and intestinal infections like candida.
  • Once the cause is known, then the proper natural treatment can help. Usually, supporting the liver and gallbladder while making any necessary dietary changes will improve things quickly. If your nausea persists for a few days, check with your doctor so you can get proper treatment. I focus on specific homeopathic and herbal remedies for the symptoms of nausea can help dramatically.

    If you get nausea from cancer treatments, then Dr. Tom can help you manage it with a holistic approach so you can get the best out of your treatments.

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