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21 Day Detox Kit



Dr. Tom’s 21 Day Detox Kit

A Transformative Body Cleanse

A simple and very effective 21 Day Program giving you and your body a wonderful opportunity to reset and recharge.

21 Day Detox Kit Includes:

(2) Core Daily Cleanse Shakes
(1) Core ProbioCleanse
(1) Core ColonX

PLUS: Dr. Tom’s Complete Detox Guide filled with recipes, menu of delicious foods, detox shopping list, and numerous helpful tips to help support healing the body, mind, and spirit throughout the 21 days.

21 Day Detox Program Benefits:

Healthy weight loss

Increased energy and vitality

Improved digestion

Enhanced mood

Stronger immune system

Balanced hormones and blood sugar

Improved sleep and joint health

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 Secrets of Cleansing

  • Eat Cleansing Foods
  • Liver Support
  • Homeopathy Support
  • Eliminate Toxins

Proven Methods of Body Cleansing + Detoxification

  • Our bodies have to work to digest food. The wrong foods like sugar, starchy foods, dairy, and processed foods are harder for the body to metabolize. Eating foods that reduce inflammation and “cleanse” like green foods support health. Eating healthier foods helps us use our energy for healing, recovery, and physical activity.
  • A healthy liver is vital to good health. The liver filters food and environmental waste. Give it a break. Cleansing gives the Liver a chance to heal.

  • Homeopathy has been used for centuries to support the body during crisis, and prevent illness. There are many natural products to support healing, recover, and cleansing.

  • Our vitality resides in our intestines. When our small and large intestines are bogged down with poisons from food, environment, medication and stress, they can leak poisons back into our body’s. Our body’s response is inflammation. Eliminating toxins should be a constant priority. We have one body, let’s treat it right. 

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