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Skin Cleanse


Skin CleanseDr. Tom Francescott shares the benefits of skin cleanse + care for total beauty.
Symptoms of Unhealthy Skin

Skin Cleanse + Natural Care

  • How are you eating? Are you stressed? Are you overdue for a cleanse? Do you use natural sustainable skin care? Did you know many makeups may contain Mercury?

    Increasing your skin metabolism inside and outside can help skin age well. Your skin is one of your primary organs of detoxification.

    • Accelerated Aging
    • Rashes
    • Hives
    • Psoriasis
    • Eczema
  • The skin is just an outer manifestation of our inner core well-being. Our core digestion, how we are breaking down our foods, how we are eliminating waste and toxins via our colons, kidneys, and liver & gallbladder. Often when we cleanse, one beautiful thing that happens is that your skin always feels and looks better.

    The skin also is affected from our inner emotional well being and if we are handling stress properly. Are your hormones in balance? Are we processing any emotional traumas or are we suppressing them and not dealing with them? These can affect our skin health and whether we develop skin rashes, hives, psoriasis, eczema, acne.

    What are you putting on your skin? Non organic or “clean and green” products? It matters what you put ON your body because any chemicals or toxins need to be also detoxified through your skin metabolism just like your liver does. Your skin has the very same detoxification pathways as does your liver. There are numerous toxins in non natural skin care and makeup and some even linked to promoting cancers.

  • In my practice as a doctor my goal is to reduce toxic load and promote cleansing. Supply all the necessary core nutrients to support the nervous system, hormonal function, and support the liver. Dietary balancing to include omega 3s, fiber, antioxidants. Educate about an Estrogen Balancing Diet to promote hormonal balance and then begin a foundational program of cleansing, stress management, and hormonal balancing.

    For products I provide natural Solutions for your skin. Natural ingredients loaded with food based antioxidants to repair, rebuild, and restore your glow.

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