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Cancer Care


Cancer CareDr. Tom Francescott provides an integrative + comprehensive approach to Cancer Care.

 Cancer Care + Prevention

  • Know Your Genetic Risks
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Enhance Liver Function
  • Be Mindful of “Energetics”

Cancer Support + Natural Care

  • What did we inherit from ancestors- our genetic imprinting. Not just our genes but the “energetics” that are passed on. I believe we inherit our genetic material and that if we do not deal with it, we may be prone to repeating the history of our ancestors.

  • Inflammation can be caused by toxins, poor diet, food allergies, medication, leaky gut and many other things. Reducing inflammation helps speed healing regardless of the disease.


  • There is  strong evidence  showing that environmental toxins, pesticides, chemicals, hormones in our food supply, etc all can contribute to cancer growth. At its core, cancer occurs when the cells get disorganized and free radicals rise and the body’s cells grow out of control. I believe this can arise from environmental toxins, poor nutrition resulting in nutrient deficiencies, especially affecting liver detoxification. The value in cleansing periodically, is to reduce your risk of getting cancer. I believe that if you regularly support your liver, your liver will be better able to rid the body of toxins and therefore reduce their risk of  potential dangerous side effects. Your liver is important in detoxifying estrogenic compounds. So it makes sense that if you support the function of the liver, you will better able to prevent possible hormonally driven cancers like breast cancer.

    How is your immune and digestive systems? The majority of your immune system lies in your digestive tract. Taking care of digestive system will improve your immune system and therefore strengthen it. Having a strong immune system is paramount to prevention as well surviving a cancer diagnosis.

  • The biggest arena to investigate is your emotional and spiritual well being. What did we inherit from ancestors..our genetic imprinting..not just our genes but the “energetics” that are passed on….i believe we inherit our genetic material and that if we do not deal with it, we may be prone to repeating the history of our ancestors. In my own personal experience, growing up in a family with a lot of cancer, clearing the deep wounds of my ancestors was important to my process. I found Holotropic Breathwork and other deep inner work to be what i needed to become aware on this level and also i believe to heal these old wounds.

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