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Brain Health


BrainDr. Tom Francescott provides insight into a natural approach to Brain Health.

 Secrets of Brain Health

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Minimize Stress
  • Control Blood Sugar
  • Rebuild Your Neurons

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Secrets of Brain Health + Natural Care

  • The health of your brain can be directly linked to the health of your body. Toxins, food allergies, blood sugar, inflammation all play a role in how well your brain works.

  • Did you know that over 50% of those with Alzheimer’s disease have elevated cortisol (stress hormones)? More and more evidence is leading to stress as a huge factor in brain disease. We are living in challenging times and its important to be mindful of what really matters to you. There is no time like the present to start living your true life now. You were destined to live a unique life that no one else can live.

    You always have choices and consequences of these choices. I firmly believe that increasing awareness promotes our brain to regenerate and rewire itself. In order to feed new neurons we have to start putting our attention to where we want it and not be controlled by something external to ourselves.

    Stress impacts practically every cell in the body and all our major hormones. Special attention to supporting the adrenals and balancing blood sugar is important. I find detoxification and cleansing to be very supportive of balancing and clearing our liver of all the stress hormones, like cortisol. Cortisol is secreted under times of stress and may remain elevated long after the stress has stopped. Cortisol increases insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome which gives rise to obesity, especially around the abdomen.

    Cortisol also slows down the thyroid so metabolism is slowed down. If this continues blood pressure raises, diabetes occurs, cholesterol elevates. Medications for these conditions then compound the problems and so on. This unfortunately is a very common scenario. It doesnt have to be this way.

  • Did you know that your blood sugar levels matter when it comes to alzheimer’s disease? Do you have high blood sugar? Do you believe Dementia could be reversed? Did you know you have 100 Billion Neurons in your brain? Each neuron has 10,000 synaptic connections the brain needs. Memory loss is NOT a normal part of aging. The Brain responds to the very same stress, poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, poor sleep, and toxins as the rest of the body.

  • The brain is just like any other organ. You can rebuild it! You can grow neurons, your brain cells can communicate better with themselves if you get rid of the obstacles in their way. Supplying necessary brain nutrients and antioxidants can help reduce the degeneration that happens in alzheimer’s disease. Recently the FDA, has required statins to put on their labels that they cause memory loss.All this treatment and focus on cholesterol might be in part be causing the rise in memory loss. Statins deplete Coq10 and this a major antioxidant needed in the body. Finding out your risk factors and supporting your body with core nutrition, whole foods, and antioxidants is key. Reducing toxins and heavy metals will improve memory.

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