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Dr. Tom’s 2014 Transformational Retreats, Workshops, & Events

In 2014, Dr. Tom will be offering two special workshops at Omega Institute: “Healthy Detox & Weight Loss Cleanse” (a weekend or week-long retreat option) and “Living Well with Lyme Disease” with Dr. Richard Horowitz and Katina I. Makris.


Also, Dr. Tom offers his own Holotropic Breathwork retreats as well as being a core facilitator with Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT), the certification training program in Holotropic Breathwork. Please see event dates below or call our office (845)-876-5556 or for more information.


“Holotropic Breathwork is among the deepest and most profoundly comprehensive work of the spirit being offered today.”

Jack Kornfield

What is Holotropic Breathwork?

Holotropic Breathwork™ was developed by Stanislav Grof, MD and his wife Christina Grof in the 1970s and combines insights from ancient spiritual practices, modern consciousness research, and depth psychology.

Dr. Grof knew from his ground-breaking scientific research conducted in Prague and later at Johns Hopkins University, as the Chief of Psychiatric Research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center in Baltimore, Maryland, that transformation can occur in non-ordinary states of consciousness. For this reason, he developed a safe and effective way of using one’s own breath to induce these states. 

“In Holotropic Breathwork, the emphasis is on creating a safe & relaxed space in which each participant can surrender fully to all the sensations, feelings, experiences, energy movement, emotions and visions that can arise during the session. All that is needed is a willingness to embrace the experiences and the unconscious part of the mind and inner healer will take you to wherever you need to go for healing and transformation.

It is the most healing and beautiful work I know.”  Dr. Tom Francescott

This work is of great value to those interested in deeper inner exploration, self discovery, and spiritual awareness.

It is a wonderful adjunct to psychotherapy as well as a powerful method of self-care for helping professionals.

The process involved is simple, yet powerful and insightful. This highly experiential work is usually done in group settings, although individual sessions(couples) are also possible.


In the group setting, people work in pairs and alternate in the roles of experiencer and sitter. (You don’t need to come with a partner.)  In the course of a weekend workshop each person will breathe once. The sitter’s role is to act as witness and to assist the breather as needed, but not to interfere in the process.


The facilitators also honor and allow the breather’s inner healing intelligence to guide the process, assisting only as needed. Focused release work is also used as needed within the session, to allow release of blocks in the body or to facilitate the ongoing process.


Other important components of Holotropic Breathwork are mandala drawing and group sharing, to help integrate and complete the Breathwork process.  



Grof Transpersonal Training

Stanislav Grof official website

Association for Holotropic Breathwork International



February 9-14: Spiritual Emergency 

Holotropic Breathwork GTT Module

With Stan Grof, Diane Haug, and GTT Staff (Dr. Tom is on staff)

Joshua Tree, California

February 16-21: The Psychedelic Experience

Holotropic Breathwork GTT Module

With Diane Haug, Charles Grob, and GTT Staff (Dr. Tom is on staff)

Joshua Tree, California


March 28-30: Dive Deep with Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork Weekend Workshop

With Dr. Tom & Dr. Laurane McGlynn    Kirkridge Retreat Center, Bangor, PA

To Register for this workshop:   Contact Laurane McGlynn at 610-248-6907 or email for more information and to complete both the registration and medical forms.

        To see flyer for this event:Holotropic Breathwork at Kirkridge

        To fill out:  HB: Medical Form

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May 9-16: Healthy Detox & Weight Loss Cleanse

Weekend(2 day) & 7 Day Retreat Options

With Dr. Tom

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY


May 25-30: Music & Transcedence

Holotropic Breathwork GTT Module

with Diana Medina and GTT Staff (Dr. Tom is on staff)

Menla Mountain Retreat Center, Phoenicia, NY

June 1-6: Death & Dying: Psychological, Philosophical, and Spiritual Perspectives

Holotropic Breathwork GTT Module

with Stan Grof, Diana Medina and GTT Staff (Dr. Tom is on staff)

Menla Mountain Retreat Center, Phoenicia, NY


 June 20-22: Living Well With Lyme Disease

Weekend Lyme Conference

With Dr. Richard Horowitz, Katina I. Makris, and Dr. Tom

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY