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Dr. Tom’s Easy & Natural Detox & Weight Loss Cleanse Kit

Discover a powerful way to cleanse and transform your mind, body, and spirit through cleansing.

Dr. Tom’s Easy & Natural Detox & Weight Loss Cleanse Kit provides the fuel, foods, and elimination while reducing the intake of toxins so your body has time to catch up with all toxins already in the body. This 10 Day Body Cleansing Program allows you and your body much needed rest and space to feel rejuvenated and renewed. This program will:

  • Jumpstart your Energy, Metabolism, and Mood     
  • Help you loose weight and feel better
  • Detox your liver, kidneys, colon, blood, and skin  
  • Enhance the way your skin looks and feels
  • Transform the way you feed your soul     
  • Enhance your overall health and help prevent chronic diseases
  • Boost your Brain power and mitochondria  

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you drive your car for 10 years without an oil change?
  • Would you live in your house for 10 years without once cleaning it?

The answers to these two questions are simple. In fact, most of you would not even consider not cleaning your car or house.

Cleansing is this same process…its an oil change, it’s spring cleaning. You have ONLY one body,which houses your brain and spirit. If you do not regularly cleanse, you will be overloaded with toxins and you will feel this as symptoms in your body. We must treat our bodies with the same attention as we do our cars and houses. We can loose our car and house and still survive and thrive, but we cannot live without our bodies. Even though we may live in a dirty world, we do not have live in a dirty body.

Dr. Tom’s Easy & Natural Detox & Weight Loss Cleanse Kit   $220

10 Day Easy & Natural Body Cleansing Program Contains

(2)  Containers of Core Daily Cleanse (choice of vanilla, chocolate, or one of each)

(1) Core ProbioCleanse

(1)  Core ColonX

(1) 1 Shaker Cup

(1) Guide Book ($25 Value, yours FREE for ordering the Kit)

            Kit includes: 4 products, shaker cup, cleansing program instructions and detox recipes, and tons of healthy inspiration. Flax oil is not included (please pick up locally, you will need this for the cleanse.)

This Cleanse Kit includes three of my favorite core detox products plus a FREE Guide that all work together to renew your body, mind, & spirit. The goal of this kit is to jumpstart your body into better health and well being quickly and easily with a great tasting shake. This kit can help you reach your health and weight goals by feeding your body what it needs to function at its very best. This program can be used in numerous ways such as monthly, seasonally, or when you just need to “push the reset button.” Try it. People are always amazed  that they can have so much energy and peace of mind without coffee, bread, or sugar. Are you ready to jumpstart into whole new you?

       Core Daily Cleanse:  Detox Protein + Multi-vitamins + Antioxidants + Specialty Liver Nutrients to: detoxify your liver,    reduce inflammation, and repair the intestines and digestion.

       Core ProbioCleanse:  Probiotics (30 Billion per packet), Core IgG Immunity support, Saccharomyces boulardii, & Prebiotic fibers for total gut repair, reduction of yeast & candida, and promotion of bowel regularity.

       Core ColonX: Three key ingredients: Magnesium citrate, Triphala extract (Ayurvedic astringent three fruits), and Cape Aloe to promote detoxification, bowel elimination & regularity, and probiotic health.

       Dr. Tom’s Easy & Natural Detox & Weight Loss Cleanse Guide Book is included with your Kit. This easy to read Guide will be emailed once your order is processed. Please make sure you provide a valid email address during checkout. You will receive a receipt for your products by email and a second receipt for your e Book. Click on the  “Download URL” blue link. A new page will open. Scroll to the bottom to click on the “Download” button. You will be able to save or open your e Book guide.

Dr. Tom’s Easy & Natural Detox & Weight Loss Cleanse Kit

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