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Bone and Joint Health



Dr. Tom Francescott shares the secrets of keeping bones + joints healthy.

Secrets of Bone + Joint Health

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Cleanse + Detoxify
  • Enhance Digestion
  • Boost Immunity

Secrets of Bone + Joint Health + Natural Care

  • There are many medications that doctors will give for pain and inflammation but none of them address the underlying condition of why the inflammation is happening. Most of the medications have terrible side effects on the stomach, liver, and immune system. Reducing the inflammation is key to healing.

  • There are numerous causes of Arthritis and joint pain. Aging, poor diet, anti-acids, poor digestion, liver toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, hormonal imbalance, stress and cortisol levels promote the breakdown of bone and cartilage. It is a priority to cleanse + detoxify impurities to reduce the toxic load on the immune system.

  • My overall view is that most disorders start in the gut, our core, and relate to our nutritional intake and absorption of key nutrients, how our liver processes toxins and hormones. Therefore the priority is to enhance digestion to allow for proper assimilation of nutrients. We also want to reduce food allergies which can cause inflammation and cause the immune system to become weak.

  • As a doctor I boost immunity by strengthening the immune system (not stimulating it but balancing the immune responses in the body), providing the necessary foundational nutrients like omega 3, minerals, and vitamin D3. Bone + Joint supportive products that help to repair and rebuild the cartilage and bone. Bone is an alive tissue that can be strengthened.

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