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Aging Well

Dr. Tom Francescott redefines aging well + shares longevity secrets.

Dr. Tom Francescott Dr. Tom Francescott, ND is a doctor, teacher, lecturer, and workshop leader who seeks to inspire and transform people and their lives with authentic and personalized natural health care. He is respected as an authority in healing by his peers and creator of the “Core Foundation” program. Dr. Tom focuses on the body’s “core” health or body+spirit, which includes the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of healing and recovery.

In his practice Dr. Tom’s uses integrative medicine to combine Allopathic and Naturopathic medicine. He believes in listening to the symptoms of illness and then develops a personalized wellness program to treat the underlying cause. Using a combination of Core Foundation products, emotional healing techniques and science based protocols.

The body is a whole system and by nurturing it all clients have the greatest chance of full recovery and experiencing true health. More about Dr. Tom Francescott…


  Secrets of Aging + Longevity

  • Rewire Your Brain
  • Mend Your Heart
  • Cleanse + Detoxify
  • Find Your Joy

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Secrets of Achieving Healthy Aging + Longevity
  • What is aging well? Do I need medication as I age? Is it normal to get arthritis? Aging is a word that garners so much attention. Anti-aging industry and promoting looking younger superficially is a big money maker. Aging well to me is living a free and happy life in body, mind, and spirit. It means letting go of the past, being in the moment and embracing the future. It means letting go of past trauma, emotional “heart-aches” and feeling happy in your body.

    On a physical level, aging well it means giving your body all the good fuel it needs to function properly, so your joints aren’t stiff, and painful. It means eating well so that you have energy to live your life to the fullest. Aging well also means taking care of your eyes so that you can prevent eye related issues later in life. Aging well also means finding solutions to your everyday concerns without relying on medications or quick fixes. Medications deplete many nutrients and over time this accelerates the aging process.

  • Aging well means taking a proactive role in your health, in your heart, in your brain, in your immune system, and in your weight. Brain related diseases are on the rise and if you take steps now you can prevent progressive decline.
  • Check in with yourself on how your heart is. I believe heart disease, in large part, is due to “heart break” that is unprocessed emotions that have hurt you. Transforming these can make you have a stronger heart. Tending to your body, how you eat, how much you move and exercise, what your weight is….I tell people all the time, that your body is like your car…most people would not even dare to drive their car for 10 years without an oil change or tune up. What would happen if you did this? You would run out of oil or destroy your engine or have serious car issues. So why in the world would you not do this with your body? Your body becomes rusty and arthritic if it doesn’t have its oil changed.
  • I am such a proponent of cleansing and detoxification because i know its a way to change your oil, to allow space for change and to clear out the past and what no longer serves you. Cleansing is transformative, it gives your body a rest to process and “catch up” with life. Aging well would have a healthy liver. Your liver processes everything that enters your body. Guess what it gets tired and runs out of vitamins to detox if it doesn’t get a rest or doesn’t get those nutrients.
  • Look for inspiration in the world. We all know vibrant, happy, and free older individuals that are full of energy and joy, that live their life to the fullest. This is possible for all of us. I am not interested in reversing time or finding a fountain of youth for people. I am interested in helping people live their fullest happiest life. To feel love as their primary emotion. To take pride in taking care of themselves. so much of anti-aging medicine is about how you look, do you have wrinkles, how is your skin?

    Aging well is an attitude inside that then translates to the rest of your body…How you see yourself…aging well people believe in themselves, like themselves, embrace all aspects of themselves with respect. Aging Well products including natural remedies, supplements, products can support and help you feel this vitality.

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